In this guide, we'll walk you through how to properly wash your new cloth nappies to ensure your cloth nappies stay clean, fresh, and ready for reuse.

Before we can get into how to wash cloth nappies, we need to talk about how to store soiled nappies. Dry pailing cloth nappies is a convenient and eco-friendly method of storing them for the washing routine. Unlike wet pailing or soaking, which involves storing nappies in water, dry pailing simply requires placing the used nappies in a well ventilate nappy pail without any added liquid.  A dry nappy pail helps minimise odours and prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring a hygienic storage solution. It also helps to preserve your nappies as prolonged soaking degrades cloth nappies. 

Below is a summary of our cloth nappy washing guidelines;

  1. Prewash soiled nappies every 1-2 days on a short wash for approximately 30-60 minutes at 40-60 degrees with detergent. Ensure inserts are removed from nappy cover before washing. Prewash daily if main wash is on day 3+. Night nappies should be pre-washed or rinsed daily. To save on washing, you can store your pre-washed nappies in an open dry pale until enough pre-washed nappies have accumulated for a main wash.
  2. Place pre-washed nappies into a main wash every 2-3 days on a long cycle for at least 2 hours at 40-60 degrees with a full dose of detergent.
  3. Dry washed nappies by hanging them in the shade or in the dryer on low heat to avoid damaging the waterproofing on your nappy covers.

But what about the poop?!

Exclusively breastfed or formula fed baby poop can go straight into the wash. Once baby starts solids, there are a few methods you can use to deal with the poop. Its a bit of trial and error to find what suits you but here are a few preferred methods;

  • If solid, plop directly into toilet.
  • Use a wipe or toilet paper to push whatever wont budge. Some people buy a cheap spatula or 'scrapping' apparatus for this. 
  • Dunk your nappy in the loo and flush. Hang on tight!
  • Use a sprayer that attaches to your toilet.
  • Use a disposable liner. Always dispose of liners into the bin- do not flush!

Remember, the key is to find a routine that works for you and keeps your cloth nappies clean and odour-free. Adjustments may be needed based on your washing machine and your routine with using cloth nappies. We always encourage our customers to contact us for a customised wash routine, so please feel welcome to reach out.

November 24, 2023 — Imogen Northey

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